Monday, September 26, 2005

Dig In Your Toes

"Before we can walk on water, we need to learn how to walk on dry land."

I had heard this on the radio Sunday morning. How true it is!

During times of pain, sorrow, fear, anxiety and many more trials, where is our faith? These are the days that prepare us for what comes ahead. For disease, sickness, divorce, abuse and others will come against us. These things forge our faith to enable us to withstand the tempest of the tide.

How can we expect God to let us walk on the water or enjoy the good times when we aren't able to lean upon Him during the problems of a season.

Many times when you're suffering, it's easier to run to another person for assurance and comfort. Even if that person is another Christian, their faith cannot hold us up. We need to lean on the Everlasting Arms and know that whatever may come He is our strength and will carry us through.

Dry land also means times of without. Without money, food, health or even times of falling for satan's charms are when we should be looking to the Fountain of Refreshment for our parched lips.

Raise up your voice! Sing to the Lord a New Song of hope in Him! He is beside us at all times, waiting to hear from our tongue the hope and assurance that lies within us. He WILL answer for He alone is God.

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