Friday, August 25, 2017


These adorable sandals are perfect to wear in the sand, sun, or land.

I ordered my normal size 6 and they were the proper fit. My feet are narrow, so they are a little loose on my feet but still comfortable and the exact length and size that I always wear.

The unique sole design is fun and makes neat imprints in the rain, sand, or dirt. The sole is made of a strong rubber with a 3/4 inch rise.

The top of the shoe is a leather-like material that forms to my foot and the straps ensure a good fit on my instep so that there is a minimal 'flip-flop' sound effect. That's the part where the narrowness of my instep is affected.

For your convenience, Brunei has a sizing chart so that you can order the right size by the shape and size of your feet.

The assorted colors are black (as shown), blue, pink, or white.

In my video, I show you how they fit my feet. Here is the transcript:

These are a pair of shoes that I got. I've been wearing them and they break in very easily. They are very comfortable with a flexible sole. They are a little bit wide but I have narrow feet so if you have a normal size foot they would fit better but they do fit well. They fit very well. There isn't much of an arch support. I have a high arch and they may be uncomfortable if I wear them for a long time. They fit very well and I like them a lot. They are soft with a pleather-like fabric. The sole makes neat imprints when you walk in soft ground. As I said before, I do like them. 

Check them out:
BRUNEI 2017 Summer Cut Out Female Sandals WSS531
Free shipping worldwide and 100% money back guarantee.

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