Thursday, August 23, 2007

Super Sunday!

This is a picture of my husband and his water baptism testimony to the Lord.

What an awesome day!

To start it out, my husband's brother Tom, came to Sunday service and walked the walk up the aisle with my husband to receive the Lord's Salvation! There were tears all around and I'm sure that I heard the angels in heaven singing and rejoicing.

When we got to the lake for the baptism, my pastor talked how the day had started with Mike's brother's salvation. As he said that, my husband broke down and gave a little testimony about how Christ has affected him. Pastor and I started crying and soon everyone had tears. It's a joyful memory with tears of love.

My husband's walk is gaining momentum. Soon he'll be running right past me.

That's ok.

We're jointly teaching the college age students. I'm sure they'll have a lot to teach me.

We sang a song in the service "The Potter's Hand"
My eyes were drawn to the hands that were shaping, molding, making a new vessel out of a pliable substance. He added water to smooth and nourish the clay. All of the unwanted clay came off on his hands. As he continued to work, his arms and body became contaminated by shavings and clumps of excess clay. The work in his hands became smoother, while his hands got dirtier.

How much does our Savior clean us up to make us useful? He took on our infirmities and sins to cleanse us and make us new.

How wonderful is our God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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