Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hi Everyone!

Just a note to let you know how things are going.

1. My hubby is progressing wonderfully in his walk with the Lord. For a guy who never ever read his high school textbooks, he's halfway through the Bible! He loves the old testament and struggles with the new. He just can't understand why we haven't gotten it right yet!

2. Our new church building is in the final stages. Just 3 rooms to complete, rug to put in and the sound system and we're ready to go. We have tons of little items to get finished and I'm sure we'll be finishing them after we're officially open. God has surely blessed us. His mighty hand is through it all. We just hung up the cross with the crown of thorns hanging from the center and put a light behind the crossbar. It's lovely. I'm going to have one of the men build me a half/round to go under it with tons of greenery inside.

3. My job is still the most wonderful I've ever had.

4. My hubby confirmed that his mom and dad are saved. Such a burden lifted from his shoulders. He can't wait to start on his brothers.

5. Oh and we played at a local club last week. We had a little rough start but it was our first public performance. We had a great time and the crowd wants us to come back. We may, but I think we're going to start finding nursing homes and such to play at.

6. I did get to play bass again at church this last Sunday, but I so wanted to go to the altar instead.

7. Had a real strange dream, too. Need an interpretation.

8. The weather has been lovely. Our church picnic was beautiful last Sunday. We even had a bald eagle fly over at the end. Everyone had a good time, even my mom (she's 82 and still looking for a man).

9. My mamomgram results: my doctor wanted me to go for a biopsy but I remembered that I had bruised myself where they noticed something. It wasn't a lump or anything, they just weren't sure what it was. I'm going for a re-take in 6 months. I'm sure they'll find nothing.

10. Back on Bone density pills. My Chinese doctor has some great ones. He said take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, get lots of sunshine (without sunscreen) and excersize and least 30 minutes a day. With all the painting and climbing ladders I'm doing, I think that'll work for now. After that, I'll have to start walking again.

Bye for now!
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