Friday, January 12, 2007

Fresh Cross, Fresh Sin

I went to a prayer vigil last night for a woman who disappeared a year ago January 11th.

She just walked out of the house and never returned. How does one do that?

My pastor told a story about a little boy who made a small boat. He played on the beach with that boat and set it in the water. One day a large wave came along and swept the vessel out beyond his reach. The boat was lost.

One day a passerby found a washed up toy boat along the beach and took it into the local pawn shop where he sold it. The dealer put the boat in the window for sale.

As the little boy passed by the shop one day, he saw the boat. He went in and said to the owner, 'That's my boat'. 'Well, that may be' said the owner, 'But, it will cost you to get it.'

The little boy didn't have enough money, so he went home. He mowed, pruned, swept, raked, ran errands, anything at all to make the money to retrieve his prized boat. Eventually he earned enough money and went to the store to buy back his own boat.

When he returned home and with work blistered hands, he repaired and restored his beloved boat to its original new condition.

'There' he said. 'I made you and then I had to buy you back. That makes you twice mine.'

So it is with Jesus. He made me and then he had to buy me back because I sinned.

When you get fresh revelation of the cost of Jesus' sacrifice, you're also faced with fresh remembrance of the sin that put Him on the cross.

As David, the psalmist, said 'My sin is ever before me', so is mine. At the moment as fresh as the day I said "Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned."
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