Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Today I took the plunge, signed the contract and my manuscript is on its way!

 I can't believe it's taken me so long to get this ready. I started writing in 2004 and let everything simmer for the past fifteen years.

It wasn't until I began painting again that the thought crossed my mind about illustrating my animal stories myself.

Could I really do it? What skill do I have that could even compare with E.B.White or the other infamous storybooks that I've read over the decades.

Fear welled up in my soul and caught me by the neck. You can't! You don't know how! You are not properly trained! What would be the use! You'd be a laughingstock in the art business! Oh, how immature your drawings are!

All of these exclamations threaten to derail my joy in writing and illustrating. Then, I decided that they were MY stories. These are MY animals. I KNOW how I want them to act! I KNOW!

So here I am. I've finished it all and just waiting on the ISBN number, the copyright, the everything else.

Not sure how long it will take but maybe after the first of the new year, I will start to market my book.

It's exciting and overwhelming. It's right and it's scary.

No matter what, if you are an artist, creative, or writer, just do it. You'll never be this age again so why not accomplish what is in your heart now rather than have regrets in a few years of the time you have lost!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Manuscript - done Submission - pending

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Things on my blogging end have been quiet for a long time.

My last post was in 2017, when I was actively involved in influencing the public to purchase products that I reviewed from Amazon.

So much has gone on, including but not limited to, painting, creating, writing, and so much more.

Stay tuned and follow me to read what is coming in my life.

I'll give you a hint...publishing something!

It'll be a journey that I hope to share. 

Friday, August 25, 2017


These adorable sandals are perfect to wear in the sand, sun, or land.

I ordered my normal size 6 and they were the proper fit. My feet are narrow, so they are a little loose on my feet but still comfortable and the exact length and size that I always wear.

The unique sole design is fun and makes neat imprints in the rain, sand, or dirt. The sole is made of a strong rubber with a 3/4 inch rise.

The top of the shoe is a leather-like material that forms to my foot and the straps ensure a good fit on my instep so that there is a minimal 'flip-flop' sound effect. That's the part where the narrowness of my instep is affected.

For your convenience, Brunei has a sizing chart so that you can order the right size by the shape and size of your feet.

The assorted colors are black (as shown), blue, pink, or white.

In my video, I show you how they fit my feet. Here is the transcript:

These are a pair of shoes that I got. I've been wearing them and they break in very easily. They are very comfortable with a flexible sole. They are a little bit wide but I have narrow feet so if you have a normal size foot they would fit better but they do fit well. They fit very well. There isn't much of an arch support. I have a high arch and they may be uncomfortable if I wear them for a long time. They fit very well and I like them a lot. They are soft with a pleather-like fabric. The sole makes neat imprints when you walk in soft ground. As I said before, I do like them. 

Check them out:
BRUNEI 2017 Summer Cut Out Female Sandals WSS531
Free shipping worldwide and 100% money back guarantee.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tassel Drawstring Bucket Bag Shoulder Bag CrossBody Bag Purse

Check out this adorable bucket crossbody purse. The magnetic closure snaps to close the front and back and then the tassel slides to secure the contents from sticky fingers.

The PU Leather is very soft and pliable. Purse dimensions are 7.8"L X 7.4" H X 4.3" D.

The crossbody strap is fully adjustable for any length and both straps are detachable.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017


When you're 4' 11" and 125 lbs. it's hard to hold onto a 70 lb. puppy when they don't want to do what you want them to do. Our new dog, Mandy, doesn't like to go in the car. In fact, she'll drag me back to the door to get in the house or hide around the front of the house until I give up.

I had to take her to the vet for spaying and she fought me all the way to the car. We started out by the front door and I got behind her. It was pouring rain and the eaves were dripping water as we stood there, neither of us giving in. I inched her along the front of the house for an hour until we got to the corner and there was nowhere else for her to hide. She moaned, gave up, and got in the car.

All this time I had a leash and a choke collar on her. I'm sure it was very uncomfortable for her but that was all that I had until I got this harness. She's a bit skittish with it but I'm able to hold her next to me and guide her to the car more easily.  Since she's still rebelling at times, we are using the training collar at the same time. At least, I don't feel as if I am strangling the poor thing.

The harness is made of lightweight padded and washable material that is strong enough to contain my dog. It is fully adjustable but I got the XL size because she's still growing. She seemed very comfortable when I strapped it on her. In fact, she just stood still and let me take her picture. I'm amazed. It's worth the money when they behave. Good product.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed.

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Here's a great Father's Day gift...a wireless Bluetooth headset. My husband loves it! 

He works construction all day and loves to listen to music to make the time go faster. He also mows our five acres of the lawn while listening to tunes. 

With this unit, he was able to unpackage it, turn it on, fit into his ears, pair it with his iPhone, and he was listening to Black Betty in less than two minutes. Right now, he has it plugged into his computer to completely charge the battery with the enclosed USB cord.  It will be ready to go in the morning for work.

The sound is crystal clear and since I play bass, I love the heavy bass sound, especially when the drums come in on the song. 

The buds are lightweight and come with some additional sized buds so that you can adjust the headset comfortably in the ear.  The over-the-ear extension ensuring a snug fit so that they do not fall out of the ear with a lot of movement.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed but these are a great product.

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Monday, May 29, 2017


Here's a perfect gift for your husband or father! It's an ideal Father's Day gift and reasonably priced.

I was impressed by the thickness of the band. It is leather and stitched so I know that it will last a long time. The watch was keeping perfect time right out of the box.

It is large for a man but even a woman could wear an oversize watch for that trendy upscale look. It is nice for work or socializing.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed.

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I have wanted whiter teeth for a long time. I was beginning to think that my only option was to get more crowns or to go for the newer option of replacing all of my teeth. But that is cost prohibitive.

So I thought I'd try this new charcoal powder to see if it really works. It's called "activated charcoal powder with coconut and xylitol."  I've only been able to use it for a few days and am pleased with the results.  It's difficult to get my teeth back to the original color that I want because of all of the crowns that I have and since I have aged, my teeth aren't able to be restored to a younger look.

Take care of your teeth while you are young and you will save yourself time, money, and pain.

The downside of the charcoal powder is the application. Just a little bit of the powder is needed but it is so messy that I have to clean my sink afterward. If you've ever touch charcoal briquettes, you will understand how charcoal just clings to everything.

Also, since the charcoal is in your mouth, your mouth will be blackened,  I always follow up with toothpaste so that I don't scare anyone.

The product works well as you can see in my picture, that my teeth have become closer to the color of my original crowns. It's just a messy process because of the material. It is also vegan and gluten-free. The properties of charcoal may also kill unwanted bacteria.

I received this product for free. A positive review was not guaranteed.

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